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Downton Abbey Season 3 Trailer


I was losing hope about ever seeing the ITV season 3 Downton Abbey trailer (a slight exaggeration, but still) and then finally it appeared, and it was PERFECTION!!!  Scala & Kolacny Bros. are back, per tradition, with a rendition of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day." An excellent selection, and not one I had seen bandied about on tumblr. Good balance of uplifting and dramatic moments.  Barbs from The Dowager Countess. A couple of longshots capturing Downton's grandeur. And the trailer culminated in an utterly swoon-worthy Mary/Matthew moment with Matthew saying: "I'll never be happy with anybody else as long as you walk the earth."

So, given the TCA clips, it appears that Matthew's reiterating what Branson said to him earlier about not being happy with anybody while Lady Mary walked the earth. Branson's words of wisdom have clearly had an effect. I've never been a huge Branson fan, but this might make me a convert. Anyone who brings together Mary and Matthew, is A-OK by me. And really, isn't everyone, at heart, a Mary/Matthew fan? I mean, even Lavinia came back with a ghostly message from the beyond for them. If that doesn't constitute a 'shipper, I don't know what does ;)

There are so many wonderful Mary/Matthew clips in the trailer. The kiss at the end with Matthew's voiceover. The argument. Such passion.The car ride. I personally love Matthew leaning over Mary's shoulder. He just looks at her with such wonder and adoration. It's the same look he had back in season 1. Despite Mary's worry that she'd be "damaged goods" after she revealed the "Pamuk incident," he still looks at her like she's the most precious gift in the universe. Nothing she told him changed that fact. Sigh. 

It really seems this season is the season of romance at Downton. Mary & Matthew's wedding. Edith & Strallan finally getting it together. Branson/Sybil. Anna/Bates. I loved how Edith glowed when she was with Strallan. She looked beautiful in those scenes. I hope her burgeoning relationship with Strallan and Mary's wedding helps bring the sisters closer together. I'd love to see a true bond forming between them.

It was torture waiting for September 16th before, how will I ever wait now?? I'm counting the days, no the hours... not the minutes.....