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Spec for 3.03--Spoilers included

Based on the preview for next week's episode, I became curious when Lord Grantham exclaims angrily "fashionably late is one thing." The obvious conclusion would be that someone's late for Edith's wedding. However, I wonder if that's an intentional mislead. I looked at the scene a few times, and I'm fairly certain he's talking with Mary. I heard rumblings a little while ago that the Pamuk scandal would be revisited. Could Carlisle have finally printed it and LG has just found out? It's later than the Crawley family assumed it would be printed, so it might explain Lord Grantham's comment.

Also, I thought I heard rumors that Mary actually sells the story in exchange for money to save Downton. The timing makes sense. The attempt to get money from Martha was unsuccessful. From the preview, it appears that Matthew remains unwilling to hand over his inheritance from Reggie Swire. The Crawley Family is even looking at a new house. Mary might feel the situation is desperate and does what she feels she must to save her family home.

Just some thoughts. Of course, I might be totally off-base. I usually am.


Sep. 24th, 2012 06:48 pm (UTC)
Since I heard rumours that Carlisle was coming back (though it was never confirmed anywhere) I was hoping he'd publish the Pamuk story. It surely would put the Crawley's at test. Actually, long before S3 started I was hoping he would do that before the wedding, once he aknowledged M&M were getting married. With the story out everybody would have been curious and scandalized, but then M&M would have gotten married anyway to the surprise of all!

From the few spoilers we got I thought for a moment Mary was going to sell. But it doesn't seem something she would do, and even so, I don't think she would get enough money to save the estate! I'm really curious now!
Sep. 26th, 2012 01:16 am (UTC)
Me too! I know Mary's desperate to save Downton and given the self-sacrificing aspect of her personality, I can see her theoretically doing something that may harm her for the greater good. You're right though, a single story wouldn't garner enough money to save Downton. Hmmm....

I'm really curious about what will happen Sunday.