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Promo for 3X02


Above is a link for the NEW trailer for Downton's next episode.  This trailer is different than the one that played after last night's episode.

Holy hell, Matthew and Mary rolling around in bed together!!!

I think I've just died and gone to heaven. Will I ever get used to seeing them in BED?!! After years of dealing with the hell that is being a 'shipper under a Shonda Rhimes run show, I'm not quite used to such satisfaction. I heart Julian Fellowes It's like he reads my mind and puts whatever I imagine for M/M onscreen. 

Poor Edith and Sir Anthony. They're quickly moving into my #2 couple spot on Downton. I hope Edith continues her take charge attitude and immediately corrects whatever misperception or advice that her father gave Sir Anthony. Go get your man, Edith!